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sting ray auger review

Best Ice Augers 2018

Check out our ultimate guide and reviews for the best Manual, Gas, Propane, and Electric Augers on the market today.  Our top brands include, Eskimo, Strike Master, ION, Extremepower and Jiffy.

fish finder guide

Best Fish Finders 2018

Check out our ultimate guide and reviews for the best fish finders in 2018.  Garmin, Lowrance, and Hummingbird fill out our top 5 picks.

Selkirk Snow Boot

Best Ice Fishing Boots 2018

Our top 5 picks for Ice fishing Boots in 2018 including reviews and buyer guide information.

What Is Light Tackle Fishing?

If you aren’t acquainted with light tackle fishing, you might have some questions on the topic. For starters, light tackle is a system that includes a specific rod, reel, and line size, in order to...

Types of Fishing Lures

If you’ve been shopping for lures lately, you know that there are so many sizes, shapes, and types that it’s hard to even keep track, with each best used in different conditions and for species of...

Fishing Tackle Box Guide

Going fishing is definitely a nice way of blowing steam. It’s just you, the ripple of the water and the fish. However, in order to have a successful and bountiful fishing trip, you need proper...

Walleye Fishing

A freshwater fish native to the northern United States and the majority of Canada, Walleye (Sander vitreus) is a close relative to the European Zander, known also as the pikeperch. It can sometimes...

How to Restring a Fishing Reel

Adding line to your new or existing reel can be an easy process.  There are very few tools needed and always easier with a friend!  In this guide we will show you how to string a push botton...

Fly Fishing Knots Beginners

Fly Fishing Knots As the saying goes the worst time to practice is under duress. Our recommendation is to practice tying these knots before you get to the lake, stream, pond, river, or...

Best Ice Augers 2018 – Buyers Guide

Drilling a dozen holes can be a pain but you still need the best ice auger to get the job done.    A good manual ice auger that can cut through 18 inches of ice quickly will make or break your...