About Us

Tackle.org is a 100% fisherman owned and operated site that finds and reviews the best fishing products!Fishing for muskie in wisconsin

I am David Straus, an entrepreneur and lifelong hobby fisherman with a home base near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Growing up, I spent every waking moment looking for fishing opportunities.  Living in the Midwest and near Lake Michigan we have just about every freshwater fish available.  My childhood was spent traveling regularly to Canada with my Dad primarily fishing for Walleye, Northern and Bass with an occasional Muskie or trout on the line.

Summers were spent fishing on one of over 15,000 lakes in Wisconsin (Yes we have more than Minnesota by about 25%! Ha.) or river fishing for 10 hours a day on the Wolf river with my Grandpa. Now I spend a majority of my time between Musky Fishing in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, river fishing on the Milwaukee river or charter fishing on Lake Michigan.

green bay walleye fishingAs a hobby fisherman, fishing was always enjoyable but didn’t come easy!  Fishing as a sport, is easy to learn but hard to master. The difference between catching no fish and filling your limit could be a matter of the weight of line you use, the color of your lure, or 100 other factors!  For this reason, we have assembled master anglers for all types of fishing.

Any day on the water is better than a day at work, but we can help you make those fishing days more productive and filled with new personal bests!