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Lifelong fisherman from the Midwest. I enjoy biking, camping, fishing and the occasional game of golf. If it’s outside, it’s worth doing. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee with a degree in Marketing and Finance. Much of my time is spent fishing throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and teaching my 5 and 6 year olds how to fish!

Engel Live Bait Cooler 2018

Best Live Bait Cooler 2018 - Engel Dry Box with Air Pump Maintaining your live beat in the best condition is the secret to great fishing. Winter or summer, through the ice or beneath a blazing sunshine, this profoundly insulated, aerated bait well retains minnows, shiners, or shrimp protected from harmful temperature swings and oxygen [...]

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Best Eskimo Ice Fishing Shelters

Are you searching for an Ice Shelter or Ice Shack?  The season is around the corner, lakes will be freezing over before we know it.  We have found the best Eskimo ice shelters sold on Amazon. If you are searching for the best black friday deals for ice fishing shelters on Amazon - Check out [...]

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What is inshore fishing

Just What Is Inshore Fishing? Even many experienced anglers get a bit confused on what the actual definition of inshore fishing fishing is. While this is a somewhat specific term for a certain type of saltwater fishing, it also encompasses enough different areas that it can become confusing. Basically when explaining "What is inshore [...]

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Tin Fish of St Clair Shores Now Watermark Bar and Grille

If you have been to St Clair MI you will remember the Tin Fish, an iconic restaurant in the Metropolitan Detroit area.   The restaurant was known for their Seafood & cocktails served at the waterside venue with patio seating. So why did Tin Fish @ St Clair Shores close? DAVE ANGELL -- FOR THE [...]

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Dont Miss The Chicagoland Fishing Travel & Outdoor Exp 2018

2018 Show Dates have been announced for January 25-28, 2018 at the Chicagoland Fishing Travel & Outdoor Expo in Schaumburg Illinois. Arguably the best sports show in Chicago where you can check out the newest equipment, book a fishing trip for 2018 and even buy a new fishing boat. Quote: Featuring over 100 travel related [...]

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Water channel explodes violently by a lightning bolt

Watch closely as the water erupts.  Some news websites report it as lightning striking water but my opinion is that its a round of explosives.

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Mark the Shark Worst Reviewed Charter in Florida Receives Sick Video

One of the most appalling saltwater videos I have seen to date was received by none other than Mark the Shark, arguably the worst reviewed fishing charter captain and most outspoken in Florida. The video shows a shark tumbling over water being pulled by a boat and later shredded to pieces. Washington post reports that [...]

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Slamming BIG Bass in Clear Water

Great clear water bass video from Chris Bulaw - Instagram: Bulawc  

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Largest Silver Coho Salmon Ever Caught in Alaska

Inredible fight with a coho salmon on 10LB Line and an inferrior fishing rod & reel combo  

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Video: Monster Wels Catfish

Dino Ferrari a top catfish angler shows us some massive wels catfish caught recently on the Po river   Watch the full video

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