How to choose a baitcaster Rod

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Beginners Guide to Baitcasting Rods

There are two basic types of rods dominating modern day fishing – baitcasting and spinning. The decision to by one over the other is driven by the choice of reel, and that is driven by techniques and targeted species of fish. The species of fish that you are going to target will definitely impact the selection process. For larger species, a lot of anglers choose baitcasting rods.

Baitcasting rods have the reel on the top, above a trigger grip. Most anglers use baitcasting rods because the trigger grip improves control during casting as well as fighting a fish especially when hands are wet or slippery from handling fish.  Baitcaster rods are used often with the best musky rod and reels.

With the massive amount of information online and countless advertisements claiming their rod is the greatest thing since sliced bread, it gets confusing trying to figure out which to choose. The best bet is to stick with these tried and true companies.

Top Baitcasting Fishing Rod Brands

Abu Garcia, St. Croix, Shimano, Fenwick and Fiblink all dominate the market for good reason. In 2017, these companies have the top baitcasting rods available.

Abu Garcia’s Veritas series is at the top of the list with its nano-Technology. When making the Veritas, Abu Garcia focused on the most important factors of making a quality fishing rod: balance and strength. Their Volatile series takes the nano-technology in the Veritas series and made it stronger to target larger fish. The Volatile provides 2.5 times the impact resistance, but is still incredibly sensitive. Finally, the Vendetta series has been upgraded with a new design and advancement in technology for added strength and durability.

Shimano is the big fish in the pond when it comes to rod construction and Shimano’s Calcutta series feature high-performing TC4 K Construction. The series provides the versatility to go after smaller fish, but its ability to tackle larger fish as well.

St Croix Mojo Bass Casting Rod sports SCIII graphite and IPC tooling technology. The Mojo is more balanced and sensitive then it’s predecessors and no to mention its 15% lighter. It has the look, feel and is comparable to many custom-made rods at a fraction of the price. However, if you are looking for the rod-of-all-rods, check out the handcrafted St. Croix Legend Xtreme Casting Rods.

Fenwick has been one of the largest names in fishing for forty plus years and continues to improve year after year. The Fenwick HMX Casting rod is surprisingly sensitive and have a great backbone to remove fish from heavy cover. For the price point you cannot do much better.

Like most things, which fishing rod you prefer will depend on many factors. Different types of fish, techniques and even history. Maybe your grandpa swears by St. Croix, your dad Shimano and your cousin twice removed is an Abu Garcia guy. Doing your research online and in stores is the easiest way to understand the pros and cons of each rod; however, in the end, word of mouth is going to be the most reliable.