Best Bait for Muskie

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Fast, fearless, and with blade-sharp teeth, Muskies prove to be worthy adversaries for most anglers. In fact, they’re even nicknamed “The fish of 10,000 casts” because that’s how long it takes most fisherman to reel them in!  But these great fishing baits will help you master the Musky.

Best Bait for Muskies

You have so many musky baits to choose from that it’s any ice angler’s dream to look through them all. But that’s for a summer day, because once the lakes start to freeze, you want to be well-equipped and ready to cast. So here are additional some recommendations to go along with our favorite Musky fishing baits for 2018.

The “Figure 8”

The interesting thing about Muskies is that they really have no natural predators, which makes them fearless, curious, and somewhat erratic when it comes to feeding patterns.

Soft Plastic Musky fishing baits:bulldog musky bait

They may not look pretty (or particularly natural), but soft plastic baits also work like a charm since Muskies are lazy and don’t wait to work hard to chew through their food. Try a traditional motion of pulling, reigning in the slack and pulling again to make the motion of a dying baitfish, and the Muskies will come calling.  Bulldogs are one of the most used soft musky baits but can take a toll on your arms when casting all day..    If you are in northern Wisconsin stop by my favorite Musky Shop Rollie & Helen’s. They have ever musky bait you could ever want.


musky mayhem double cowgirl

You probably know of this bait already since it’s a go-to option for fishermen who love pulling out Muskies. In fact, their vibrations send ripples through the water that are easily picked up by Muskies. If you’re shopping for great Bucktails, try double 9 blades as well as double 10 blades, with brands like Badson Blade Baits, Spanky musky Baits, and Musky Mayhem leading the way.   This is a picture of a Double Cowgirl from Musky Mayhem.  Heavy to throw and tough to reel in but very popular.

Musky Glide Baits:glide raider musky bait

They take some know-how and experience to work them, but Glide Baits will be well worth it and prove super effective for catching muskies. One of the most popular glide baits is the glide raider.  They’re also versatile, with slower, side-to-side action or faster, herky-jerky pull both working great to get a Musky interested and giving chase.  Joe Bucher created the glide raider, I have two of them but don’t find myself using them often compared to buck tails or bulldogs.

Topwater Musky Baits

musky fishing with top water baitsPerhaps my favorite type of musky lures are topwater baits.  There’s really no strike that’s more action-packed and fun to watch than a topwater hit, and it’s a great way to pull in Muskies and get them in your boat or cooler, too. However, you’ll probably have more luck with topwater musky fishing during the first and third seasons, when the water warms up a bit. If you’re a serious angler intent on bringing Musky home, make sure to have both “walk the dog” topwater baits (used with a continuous side-to-side pull with the Weagle) and prop-style topwater baits (straight crank motion with the Pacemaker and others) in your box.

More popular Musky baits:

Musky anglers have a bait for every condition, so it’s a good thing that there’s an almost unlimited supply of amazing baits available to them. Jigs, crankbaits, swimbaits, and many more come in a variety of shapes, sizes, weights, colors, and actions.

But to get started, I wouldn’t hit the ice without the 10” Storm Kickin’ Minnow, which is one of my favorites due to its natural look and realistic action.

Paddletail baits:

If you want a good echo of vibration in the water with a straight retrieve, try out a paddletail bait like the Poseidon by Chaos Tackle Musky jig, Shadzilla by Water Wolf Lures, or the Swimmin’ Dawg by Musky Innovation.

Musky jigs:

I know, jigging can be like watching paint dry, but it can also redeem an otherwise unlucky day. It’s all about the vibrations with these jigs, and the Muskies won’t be able to ignore the upward pull of the Shumway Fuzzy Duzzet, or try the Original Bondy Bait for a more gentle play.