Best Fishing Tackle Boxes (Reviews & Buyers Guide)

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With so many types of tackle storage options on the market, its important to choose a quality fishing tackle box based on the way you like to fish.

There are several tackle boxes and bags that I own currently based on the type of fishing I am doing. For river fishing, camping, pond fishing or fly fishing I like to bring my backpack tackle box.

For all other fishing I swap out my storage trays into my soft tackle bag or my hard tackle box for bringing on the boat.

Fishing Tackle Box Buyers Guide 2018

In this guide we cover many different pieces of information from the most important features in your fishing tackle box to the types of fishing tackle boxes for your style of fishing.  We also have our top 5 best fishing tackle box picks and review guides along with it.

Who Needs a Fishing Tackle Box?

Tackle boxes have been around for centuries.  But it hasn’t been until recently that there have been so many tackle box storage options on the market.

  • Fly Fisherman

    Fly fisherman are particular with their gear selections.  Depending on where you are traveling or whether you are fishing on the river or on the bank can make a big difference in the tackle box you choose.

  • Boat Fisherman

    Aside from shore fishing, boat anglers make up a large percentage of the population.  Sufficient storage space is a primary concern for those who are in a boat but any of the tackle boxes could be a good fit.

  • Kayak / Small Vessel Anglers

    Many of the Kayak fisherman I talk to prefer smaller more compact tackle boxes for their kayaks.  Waterproofing is very important for this sport.

  • River Fisherman

    River fishing is one of my favorite types of fishing.  I always bring a backpack tackle box with me for convenience.  More specifically I bring a sling pack that is small but carries exactly what I need.

  • Shore Fisherman

    Many of us learned fishing on the shore and this is the only type of fishing available to us.  The type of tackle box you choose is solely based on preference but I have a Spiderwire tackle bag for this type of fishing.

Types of Fishing Tackle Boxes

  1. Backpack Tackle Box 
  2. Large Tackle Boxes
  3. Soft Tackle Bags
  4. Tackle Box on Wheels
  5. Sling Backpacks
  6. Waterproof Tackle Box


Fishing Tackle Box Features

When you are looking for a new tackle box, features are important.  They vary from traditional tackle boxes to tackle box backpacks but here is a starting point.

  • Lure Compartments: Large fishing tackle boxes have many compartments that you can use in order to facilitate the management of your fishing gear. Hooks, sinkers, and lures, for instance, will go in compartments that have been designated for them. This way, you’ll be able to get them in a matter of seconds.
  • Gear Storage: There are tackle boxes with all sorts of additional storage units. Yes, this automatically makes them larger, but not heavier, at least not in all cases. You shouldn’t think that a tackle box is just for all those minuscule pieces of equipment. Some are large enough to accommodate bigger items like rods and beverages.
  • Waterproof Features: Again, this doesn’t apply to all of them. If you’ve used a common backpack and got it wet, you’ve felt how uncomfortable it is to wear it. Plus, water can easily make a mess in a backpack. A solid tackle box is watertight and waterproof, which means your equipment will always be safe and dry.
  • Quality: Without a doubt, the main reason why fishermen don’t purchase tackle boxes is because they think they’re expensive. Not at all – a genuinely sturdy box can cost less than $30. You just need to do some research and don’t give word of mouth (especially badmouth) too much credence.
  • Tackle Box Size:  There is such thing as too big of a tackle box.  Purchasing a tackle box for your boat, you can afford to have a larger tackle box with more trays.  While a smaller soft tackle box or bag is better when you are moving it frequently.

What to Look for in a Tackle Box

There are a couple of things you should keep an eye on when you’re about to buy a certain tackle box. This caution will pay off in the end since you’ll get a box that will last and serve you perfectly in any given situation.

Storage Space – It goes without saying that you shouldn’t settle for a small tackle box when you’ve got tons of tools. When it comes to tackle boxes, storage space is king. Also, you should analyze that storage space and see what goes into creating it: trays, boxes or mesh pockets?We’ve already mentioned that in some cases, a soft tackle box can accommodate more items than a solid one, simply because the walls of the bag can expand.

You shouldn’t go for a large tackle box when you don’t need it, as well. If more than half of the compartments will end up empty, you’ll still have to carry the entire box around. This can become annoying, especially when you’re fishing from a boat. A medium-sized box is great for most fishermen.

Quality – Solid tackle boxes are called “solid” for a good reason: you can throw them about and they wouldn’t get a scratch, provided that they’re made of hard plastic and not from a frail type of plastic.If you’re a bigger fan of soft tackle boxes, you should make sure the box you’re angling for is made with a high-quality textile material. Soft tackle boxes can be more vulnerable than their solid counterparts.

Type – The type of box you’ll get is as crucial as its quality. Many rookie fishermen purchase solid boxes because “that’s the trend”. You shouldn’t have the same mindset if you want to purchase a suitable tackle box, not one you’ll have to return. Your preferred fishing style should be a deciding factor: are you fishing from a kayak or boat more frequently?You might want to consider a soft tackle box. Are you fishing from a riverbank?A solid one would do.

We do not intend to say you can’t get any type of solid box you want – of course, you can. The amount of tackle you have should be a deciding factor, as well.  If you plan on purchasing more equipment, get a larger tackle box. On the other hand, if you want to get rid of some of your equipment, opt for a smaller one. 

Price – “If it’s expensive, you can rest assured it’s fabulous”. If I had a dollar for each time I’ve heard this misconception, I would be fishing in Hawaii now, with a nice little cocktail in my lap.A high price does not automatically make a product better. A low price, in the same fashion, does not make it any less qualitative.

There are tackle boxes you can get for $20 and will last you for years on end. You shouldn’t really worry if you have a limited budget. Most of us do, anyway, and we still manage to purchase products we are 100% satisfied with.

“Tackle Included”: Tackle boxes like the ready 2 fish tackle box on Amazon are great for a beginner tackle box. They should be very inexpensive if you purchase one and are already equipped with all the tools they need.  The tackle included boxes go great with fishing rod and reel combos for ages 2-10.  Buy them along with a , they include mostly sinkers and hooks – tons of them! – with no lures or other items a fisherman needs.  Look for tackle included boxes with worthwhile terminal tackle.

What to Avoid

Not all tackle boxes in the world are built in the same way, therefore you should give yourself some time to take a look at the product you’re about to purchase and see if it has any of these negative features:

  • Flexible plastic: A genuine solid box won’t give in if you push one compartment with the finger. If it does, it’s probably made with very thin, flexible plastic and will break easily.
  • Flimsy shoulder straps: The last thing you want is to drop your soft tackle box and damage some of the tackle. If you can test a tackle bag before you purchase it, you are highly advised to do so.
  • Broken cases: Some tackle boxes can get internal damage if mishandled by the shipping company. Verify the content of your box before you sign any paper. Getting broken trays is extremely common and can happen 90% of the time. It’s not that huge of a problem as long as you were going to replace them anyway.


What Fishing Tackle Boxes are the Best?

We took our top reviewed tackle boxes from each guide and created a best of the best list just for you.

Soft Fishing Tackle Box / Bag – Okeechobee Fats T1200

Okeechobee might not be a very well-known brand, but perhaps it’s our duty to change this. The Fats T1200 comes up #1 on our list of best soft tackle boxes and is a great bass fishing tackle box that allows you to store up to 8 boxes concomitantly.


Fishing Tackle Backpack – Wild River WT3604 Backpack

Wild River WT3604 Tackle BackpackWe rated the Wild River WT3604 the best backpack tackle box on the market in 2018. It’s simple, yet comfortable enough to ensure that your fishing experience is top notch. Having a fairly large storage area, you can pack a lot of gear with you.

This backpack also comes with a divider that can be removed based on your preferences. This way, you may turn it into a full-sized backpack, allowing you to carry much larger items.

This item also features an inner LED system that is very useful in low-light conditions. This way, you won’t have to bring extra gear with your just to look in your backpack. It also has many pockets where you can store any smaller items.

Large Fishing Tackle Box / Plastic Box – Plano Angled Tackle System

Plano Angled Tackle SystemPlano is known for providing some top-notch tackle boxes. Their Tackle System is no exception. The front compartment of this solid box accommodates 3 boxes, size 2-3560 each. The sides, both on the lateral and the top, have lids that give in into other storage spaces where you can keep various tools. This is best large tackle box in my opinion

  • Main compartment Presents utility boxes at a 15 degree angle Purview covers and doors Includes three 2-3650 stowaway utility boxes
  • Main compartment presents utility boxes at a 15 degree angle
  • DuraView covers and doors
  • Includes three 2-3650 Stowaway Utility boxes

The 3 boxes in the main compartment are positioned at a 15o angle, which makes it so much easier to get your tackle quickly and hassle-free. The main top compartment features a huge storage space that you can customize however you want by using the separators

Fishing Tackle Boxes on Wheels – Elkton Outdoors Rolling Tackle Box

  • L 15.7 x W 9.6 x H 18.5 inches / 11 pounds/
  • Waterproof /
  • 5 Removable Tackle Trays /
  • 4 Rod Holders/Rolling Fishing Tackle Bag/Roller Tackle Box

Elkton Rolling Tackle BoxA rolling tackle bag can come in handy when you’ve got a large amount of tackle. By grabbing the handle and pulling it around, you prevent the back pain that’s associated with lifting a heavy box a few times per day.

This Elkton Outdoors is #1 on our list of best tackle boxes on wheels, as it can hold up to 18 trays of various sizes, of which 5 especially large ones in the front. On the inside, there are 3 separated slots where the remaining 13 tackle trays can go. These slots can be adjusted according to your personal liking. The rolling box is fully waterproof and made with a durable fabric.

Even though this is a rolling bag, you can wear it as a backpack, as well. Besides the compartments for all sorts of fishing tackle trays, it’s also got 4 rod holders. This is pretty much a complete fishing solution since none of your equipment will be left out.

Waterproof Fishing Tackle Box  – Flambeau Waterproof Satchel Box

Flambeau Waterproof SatchelThis tackle box is different than the ones we’ve looked at until now, in the sense that it’s got glide trays instead of removable ones. That is really no big deal. This satchel is our top rated waterproof tackle box and made of heavy-duty plastic.

    • Flambeau 4000WPNC waterproof
    • Hard tackle boxes
    • Manufactured in United States
# Preview Product Price
1 Flambeau 3000WPNC Waterproof Flambeau 3000WPNC Waterproof $31.27

Final Thoughts As you can see, there are many things you have to keep in mind when you’re about to purchase a reliable tackle box. There are tens, if not hundreds of good brands on the Internet, but that automatically means there are bad ones, as well. Sadly, there are more poor-quality products than high-quality ones. Still, by using our guide, the risk of buying a tackle box that you’ll have to return or resell becomes 0. Apart from valuable advice as to what a good tackle box should feature, we also provided 12 distinct products that belong to 6 classes of tackle boxes. All of these have very good rates and have become a go-to for many fishermen and women. Of course, you can opt for any other boxes you might want, provided they have good reviews from previous customers. We hope you’ve found this guide to be a real help in the process of choosing a tackle box.

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