5 Best Fly Fishing Hats

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Fly Fishing Hats

Do I really need a hat for fly fishing?

If you’re asking that question, I’m guessing you haven’t done much fly fishing.

But I’m not really a hat guy?

Neither am I. but I wear one out there.


Now we’re getting somewhere.

You’re going to be outside for a while. Weather conditions can be unpredictable. Environmental conditions can be unpredictable. And hats, can account for a lot of potential unwanted consequences of unpredictable circumstances.

I’m going to talk about a couple different types of fly fishing hats. Some of you will be able to pick one and it will suit all your needs. Others may want to have a couple different options because you might fish in a greater variety of climates. Some of you will have different physiological issues to consider. And some of you, just might get away with wearing a good old school baseball hat while fly fishing. Whoever you are, hopefully you can find at least one useful option here.

Full Brim

These will keep the sun off your face AND neck (baseball hats only protect one or the other). If you’re buying one of these I tend to look for lightweight with a chin strap I can tighten in the case of a little wind. Patagonia makes some really comfortable Full Brim Fly Fishing Hats.


Pretty much speaks for itself. Having the waterproof feature for your fly fishing hat can be nice in the case of rain, if you’re a person who happens to sweat a lot, or if on a hot day you might just want to dunk your head into the stream.

Sun Protection

Here we’re talking about those hats that have that drape or cape like thing hanging off the back of them. Most of these will also have something to wick away moisture. If you’re fishing in really hot weather, or at elevation, this might be something you want to consider. It’s definitely NOT FUN to have a painful sunburn on your neck.

Face protection

If you have extreme sensitivity to the sun, or simply like to be more protected from its powerful rays, there are options for that too.

We all have different body types and different skin sensitivities. We also all have the same love for fly fishing! Thankfully, there are hats to suit all needs these days. Don’t be considered about what you look like out there; worry more about how you feel. If you feel good, you’re more likely to fish good. And if you fish good, no one will be talking about your hat when you’ve got a nice size trout on the line!