Live Bait Storage Containers

Live fishing bait is expensive and needs to be stored properly. There are 3 products in 2018 we believe are the best at keeping your bait alive during ice fishing or portable situations.

1. Engel Live Bait Coolers engel 19 quart cooler dry box with air pump

Engel bait coolers are more costly to purchase initially but the cost of losing your bait is much higher. I have lost minnows, chubs, suckers, worms, and grubs way too many times to skimp on the cost. We have layed out all the Engel bait cooler options available, check them out.

2. Geniejar Optimis Portable Live Bait Container 30oz

A product better suited for kayak fishing, river fishing or times when you are on the move. The Geniejar Optimus does a great job of keeping a small amount of bait fresh and being lightweight alive bait container for kayak or river fishingt the same time. You may have heard of “Bait Up” before, we do not recommend that brand based on customer feedback.

  • Entrapped floating basket
  • Dual lids for easy access
  • Comes with Lanyard
  • Floating Bait Container

3. Frabill Flow Troll Bait Container Magnum Minnow Bucket – 10 Quart

Frabill is a company up in Wisconsin where I live and well known for their fishing merchandise. The Frabill minnow bucket is a classic addition to your boat or fishing trip and will do a fine job of keeping your minnows alive.

keep minnows alive

  • Saltwater safe
  • Larger 10 Quart Size
  • Self-closing lid with locking door
  • Hydrodynamic shape
  • Ice Fishing Bait Container