Best Musky Rod and Reel Combo 2018 – Buyers Guide

Fishing equipment can make the difference to an angler being at an advantage or disadvantage. When it comes to fishing for Musky, every angler wants the biggest advantage they possibly can. Musky are in a class all their own and as such, the proper equipment is essential to a successful day of fishing; especially the rod and reel.

Lets take a look at the best musky rod and reel combos!

Musky Rod and Reel Combo Reviews 2018

Every musky fisherman is looking for the best musky rod and reel combo and we are going to show you the 5 top reviewed products on the market.

Rod and ReelCheck Price On Amazon


Musky Rod: Abu Garcia Veritas Toro S
best musky rod and reel combo
Length: 7 feet
Power: Medium Heavy
Check Price
Musky Reel: Abu Garcia Revo Toro
Gear Ratio: 5.3:1Check Price


Musky Rod: St Croix Legend Elite
best musky rod and reel combo
Length: 8'6"
Power: Medium Heavy
Check Price
Musky Reel: Shimano Tranx
best musky rod and reel combo
Gear Ratio: 6.6:1Check Price


Musky Rod: Shimano American Corporation
best musky rod and reel combo
Length: 8'1"
Power: Heavy
Check Price
Musky Reel: Daiwa Lexa Baitcasting
best musky rod and reel combo
Gear Ratio: 7.1:1Check Price


Musky Rod: Okuma Musky Telescopic Rod
best musky rod and reel combo
Length: 8'1"
Power: Extra Heavy
Check Price
Musky Reel: Shimano Corvalus
best musky rod and reel combo
Gear Ratio: 5.2:1Check Price


Musky Rod: St.Croix Triumph Spinning Rod
best musky rod and reel combo
Length: 7'6"
Power: Medium Heavy
Check Price
Musky Reel: PENN Slammer 3
best musky rod and reel combo
Gear Ratio: 6.2:1Check Price

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1. Abu Garcia Revo Toro S Reel and Abu Garcia Veritas Toro Combo


Abu Garcia Veritas Toro Rod

best musky rod and reel combo This musky fishing rod from Abu Garcia is one of their best rod models as it is well-balanced and you will see a huge difference especially if you are casting heavy lures. The length is perfect for musky (7 feet) and I can tell you that it is a real “musky killer”. If you take a closer look at the specs you will see that it features a 30-ton graphite construction which seems to be extra sturdy.

In addition, the Veritas is famous for its construction material and I will also mention that it utilizes titanium guides with special Zirconium inserts. Good guides are critical because there will be much pressure applied to the rod. These special inserts will decrease the pressure and protect your line.

Undoubtedly, this Abu Garcia musky rod is a good rod if you are looking for something both sensitive and strong.

Abu Garcia Revo Toro S Low Profile

The best musky rod and reel combo list should definitely include the Revo Toro S baitcasting reel! It is a significant departure and one of the best musky baitcasting reels ever made due to the extraordinary drag system. The Power Stack Carbon Matrix Drag System is a system which will give you a smooth casting experience.

Overall, it is a heavy duty reel with a big handle and 5 bearings made of stainless steel. It is the perfect fit for muskies. Moreover, if you need more cranking power you can just extend the handle!

The Max Drag is advertised to be 25lbs, but many people admit that it can go higher. The two things musky fishermen love about this reel is the MagTrax magnetic brake and the big super convenient handle.


2. St Croix Legend Elite and Shimano Tranx Combo

St.Croix Mojo Musky Rod

best musky rod and reel combo Above we mentioned that there are not many rods on the market made for musky fishing. However, there is one rod.. One legend.. The St.Croix Legend Elite Musky rod made of high-quality graphite material and Fuji Torzite guides. The guide frame is made of titanium which decreases the friction.

If you are looking for a musky rod, you should know that St.Croix is one of the best brands that will fit your needs. Surprisingly, “Field and Stream” awarded this rod as the best musky rod 2016! The cork handles are a big plus for every angler.

Shimano Tranx Reel

best musky rod and reel combo This is an advanced baitcaster equipped with 7+1 bearings and great line capacity perfect for musky fishing. Having the best rod like the St.Croix Legend Elite is not enough if you do not pair it with the best reel. Needless to say that it provides great cranking power and a smooth retrieve.

Look no further than this extraordinary combo. The Shimano Tranx is preferred by many muskie fishing enthusiasts and it will not let you down. This reel utilized the reel with a VBS Brake System that will improve your casts.

It’s a low-profile baitcasting reel and the reason why many anglers select it is the great Dartanium drags which will give you the smoothest fishing experience ever!

3. Shimano American Corporation Muskie Casting Rod and Daiwa Lexa Baitcasting reel Combo

Shimano American Corporation Muskie Casting Rod

best musky rod and reel combo This 8’1” Musky Rod deserves a place as the best musky rod. A high-quality low price rod which will definitely surprise you. Since you are a musky angler you will have to perform long-distance casts, so this is your rod.

All we anglers know that a musky rod with an ergonomic handle is absolutely necessary. The Shimano American Corporation Rod features a cork handle with a nice hook keeper. Hang your lures while you change the fishing spot or attach your fishing pliers!

Either way, this  “easy-to-the-wallet” combo is a really good choice for beginner musky anglers.

Daiwa Lexa Reel 

best musky rod and reel combo Fishing for musky has been a well-loved and adventurous hobby for many years. Consequently, fishing equipment had to adapt to this fishing gear development. Daiwa is an assured quality brand which will not let you down.

It is a good and lightweight baitcasting reel thanks to the aluminum body. All fishermen know that the number of ball bearings does not play a significant role. However, the Daiwa Lexa has 7 high-performance ball bearings which will make your life much easier.

Daiwa musky reels are specially designed for strong fish, so they equipped the reel with a nice big handle.


4. Okuma Musky Telescopic Rod and Shimano Corvalus Reel Combo

Okuma Musky Telescopic Rod 

best musky rod and reel combo This is the absolute best option for every angler who wants something portable and sturdy at the same time. Made of 24-ton carbon and combined with high-performance guides, this is probably one of the best choices both for newbies and experienced musky enthusiasts.

The outstanding feature here is the UFR Technology which is a special rod tip construction. Please take a look at the link here to learn more about UFR

Lastly, we would like to underline the fact that it is a telescopic rod, so it is not only portable but also quite flexible.



Shimano Corvalus Reel

best musky rod and reel combo

Another high-quality baitcasting reel made by Shimano. Musky reels should be strong and quite lightweight since you are going to fish for hours. The Corvalus weighs only 11 ounces and if you pair it with the telescopic Okuma rod (mentioned above), you will have the best combo ever!

The reason why I selected this reel obvious. You will have many features in just one reel for a really really reasonable price! The VBS centrifugal brake system is a big plus for me and keep in mind that there is almost no backplay.

After using Shimano reels for many years, I would like to tell you that the Shimano Corvalus is one of their best models even better than the previous.



5. St.Croix Triumph Spinning Rod and PENN SLAMMER 3 Reel Combo

St.Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

best musky rod and reel combo The legendary St. Croix Triumph 7’6″ Medium Heavy Spinning rod is a premium musky spinning rod. Solid hooksets, incredible long-distance casts and sensitive to musky bites! What is not to love?

Personally, I am fishing for musky since I was very young and according to a fellow musky expert, St.Croix rod are the best. St.Croix does not only make first-class rods, they are aware of the musky angler’s needs.

Made of SCII Graphite, you will get both strength and sensitivity. When tightening your reel on the rod, you must be sure that it will not slip. With the St Croix Triumph, you will not have such issues as they equipped the rod with a nice Fuji reel seat.

Penn Slammer 3 Spinning Reel 

best musky rod and reel combo Looking for a good spinning rod and reel? Want to get the best musky rod and reel combo that will pass the test of time? The St.Croix rod combined with the Penn Slammer 3 (ICAST Award 2016) is the best combo on the market right now.

It goes without saying that it is a great heavy duty reel and indeed one of the most expensive reels, but it is worth every dollar. The reel consists of 6 ball bearings and a CNC gearing system IPX6 sealed!

It’s an excellent choice for every musky angler. The main feature which makes this reel unique is the innovative Dura-Drag System developed by PENN. (Dura-Drag System explained)




Final Thoughts

Summarizing, you should choose the best musky rod and reel combo according to your needs. Of course, there are things you should take into consideration like length, power, brake system etc, but the point is to get a smart combination. You are going to land muskies, right? Then, you need heavy duty equipment. On this page, you can find the greatest musky rods and reels ever made and we have chosen the one-by-one.

You don’t have to look any further because here is everything you need. If you want to take home a huge musky, we guarantee that this guide will help you out! Thank you for reading and stay tuned on for more fishing tips!

How to choose the best Musky Rod or Reel

Firstly, you should pay attention to some specific features and characteristics before you select your musky fishing tackle. More specifically, these are the first things that you should look for:

1.     Quality performance to meet your fishing needs.

2.     A price that is both affordable and of reasonable worth.

3.     Features that rise above the rest.

4.     Durability to last year after year



The Best Musky Rod: Things to Consider

No matter how experienced you are, choosing a good musky rod can be overwhelming due to the ample variety of rods on the market. If you are looking to invest in a good rod, you should definitely know that they are quite expensive.

Rule number one. The musky rod should be strong because musky is an aggressive predator. Many years ago, fishing equipment manufacturers didn’t construct special rods for musky fishing because it wasn’t as popular as today. The rod must be not too heavy and not totally inflexible.
• Firstly, all we avid anglers know that the material plays an important role when it comes to musky fishing. Personally, I recommend graphite or carbon which are sturdy materials able to withstand the pressure applied.
• It goes without saying that a heavy rod is an ideal power for musky fishing. (medium-heavy, heavy and extra-heavy)
• Additionally, it must be quite long, 7-10 feet. You will see that it will go above and beyond as it will help you with your casts.
• Since you will select a heavy power rod, pay attention to the weight. You are going to spend many hours on the water. Thus, a light rod would be perfect!
• Lastly, I would like to mention a detail that almost all anglers overlook, the reel seat. Before you get a rod, make sure that the reel seat is made of a durable material. You will have a nice fight with this fish so you must secure your reel.

The Best Musky Reel: Get Ready for Musky Fever

Undoubtedly, the reel is one of the most important parts of your fishing arsenal. Muskies are considered to be really hard to catch and you have probably heard people saying that it is the fish of “ten thousand casts”! If you are new to musky, you will need some help to select the correct reel.

You will have to choose between a baitcasting or spinning reel. We love musky fishing, we have spent many years on the water fishing for musky and today we are able to give you all the answers you need. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

• Both spinning and baitcasting reels should have a powerful and durable drag system. The braking system is critical when it comes to musky fishing because you will have to deal with a strong fish.
• You are going to pair the reel with a heavy, so make sure that your reel will be not too heavy.

• Additionally, you will need a heavy duty reel with a solid gear system. Of course, good reels can be expensive, but you will never regret that you bought it.

• A large and sturdy handle can be really helpful especially if you are speed trolling, trust me.

A few Words About Musky

musky fishing

Musky belong to the pike family and they are also the biggest fish of this family. Typically, they can be 35-45 inches long and weigh proximately 30 lbs. Surprisingly, they can reach up to the weight of 60 lbs! We know them as musky or muskie but their real name is muskellunge.

They live in lakes and large rivers and feed on small baitfish, but to be honest I’ve seen them eating anything! Crayfish, frogs even small birds! If you open the fish’s mouth, you will see many needle-shaped teeth which are very sharp.

Due to the fact that muskies are aggressive, any angler would recommend a powerful reel that will handle the strain and a heavy rod. Unless you have the right fishing tackle, you will be not able to fish successfully.

Fishing for musky is not just another activity. Anyone who fished for musky once in his life knows what I am talking about. Consequently, these special moments need special equipment. Just to start out with, there is one thing you should know about musky.

Well, if you are living in a warm climate, for instance, Florida, and want to fish for musky, please leave your couch. These fish like colder waters and I could admit that they are quite hard to catch.

Today, we compiled a detailed guide and chose the best musky rod and reel combo to ensure your fishing is successful. Outlined below are the five top picks!