Best Musky Rod and Reel Combo 2018

Fishing equipment can make the difference to an angler being at an advantage or disadvantage. When it comes to fishing for Musky, every angler wants the biggest advantage they possibly can. Musky are in a class all their own and as such, the proper equipment is essential to a successful day of fishing; especially the rod and reel.


Abu Garcia Revo S Reel
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How to choose the best Musky Rod or Reel

1.     Quality performance to meet your fishing needs.

2.     A price that is both affordable and of reasonable worth.

3.     Features that rise above the rest.

4.     Durability to last year after year.


Q Quality handcrafted Musky Rods by St Croix

St.Croix Premier Musky/Pike Casting Rod

St Croix is located in the heart of Musky Country, they have crafted some of the best Musky rods on the planet.  The St. Croix Premier Musky/Pike Casting rod is one of the top innovators when it comes to rods. Made in the USA, it comes with a standard 5-year warranty. It is priced between $170 and $280.

With outstanding characteristics crammed into the Premier, it is easy to see why this product has a lot to brag about:

1.     Durable because of enhanced strength from high-quality graphite.

2.     Finely tuned tapers and actions support superior performance.

3.     Advanced quality with an exceptional hook-setting power, sensitivity, and strength.

4.     Flex coat finish and Fuji® TCS or ECS silver frosted hood and reel seat.


Additional Rod Features

·      Flanged SiC top

·      7-foot length

·      10 – 20 lb line

·      3/8 – 1 oz lure weight

·      Premium cork handle

·      Flex Coat finish

·      Batson Forecast® aluminum oxide guides

·      Double plated chrome frames in jet black

Shimano Calcutta 300D Reel

Shimano is synonymous with quality and it is evident once you have this reel in your hand. It is also made in the USA and priced around $390.

Along with a new ergonomic design, this next generation rod now boasts a larger sized handle and other perks:

1.     Durability that is both rigid and powerful.

2.     A compact body for easy maneuvering and storage.

3.     High-efficiency gearing for improved success and performance.

4.     The impressive drag of 15 lbs.


Additional Reel Features

·      5 anti rust bearings

·      QuickFire II clutch bar casting system

·      Precision cold forged aluminum spool and a cold forged, one-piece aluminum body

·      Variable brake system with Assist Stopper

·      Increased freespool activity

·      Septon SV Handle Grip

·      Extreme cranking power

There are several musky rod and reel combos capable of doing the trick but this particular combo impressed everyone who tried it. Two of the biggest names in fishing royalty scored a direct hit when they suggested pairing these exceptional products together. While the two will set you back upwards of $600, the proven performance of this combination makes it well worth the price. Their innovative features go on and on and there seems to be virtually no limit to what this rod and reel can do as a couple. Factoring in their sturdiness and longevity, this could well be the best money you ever spent in the quest to bag the mighty Musky!

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