Best Pink Tackle Box and Bags (2019 Guide)

You don’t see them often, but they are out there!  Pink Tackle Boxes will stand out in your boat, your dock and even your craft room! 

Many people searching for the best pink tackle box intend on using it for fishing gear but other common product uses for these boxes are crafting, tool boxes, painting, nail kits, manicure kits and even shopkins! 

Many people buy pink tackle boxes for their daughters or granddaughters and they love it..

The best prices and selection are available on Amazon.  You can find one tray, two tray and even 6 tray pink tackle boxes.  But my favorite type is the Pink Utility bag by Cabelas based on quality, usability and price point.

What should you look for in a pink tackle box?

  • Trays vs Utility Boxes for Lures
  • Durability of the Box
  • Strap vs Handle
  • Weight of the Box

Our 6 Top Pink Tackle Boxes / Bags Picks

Pink Tackle Box Reviews 2019

1. Pink Plano 2 Tray Pink

Plano’s classic two-tray tackle box features a cantilever tray design that extends open to showcase the contents. A sturdy collapsible handle makes the case easy to carry and store while the brass bailed latch tightly secures the lid, keeping items protected and organized.

pink tackle box


Price: Shop for $12-18

Pros Cons
  • Very small and light weight
  • Made by a great tackle company Plano
  • Multi-Use (Some people use it for carrying tools, nail salon accessories, make-up!)
  • Two Accessible Storage Areas
  • Two holes to lock your tackle box
  • Very few negative reviews on this product but some report that it is flimsy

2. South Bend Wormgear 88 Piece

You may be surprised how small this box is. The amazon listing makes it look bigger than it is especially with 88 pieces included. One of the cheapest but also one of the lowest quality items.  The bonus 88 fishing gears is a definite bonus!

South Bend Wormgear 88 piece88 piece girls tackle box


Price: $12-15

Pros Cons
  • Loaded with 88 pieces of tackle with it!  (Assortmant of hooks, sinkers, swivels, stringer, floats)
  • Smaller box than it looks like
  • The 88 pieces are barely big enough to catch small panfish
  • Reviewers report it is flimsy

3. Flambeau T3 Frost Series Front Loader

Light design with 3 front load trays and a great top opening storage compartment. 

Flambeau T3 front loader box


Price: $25-$30

Pros Cons
  • Holds 3 Trays and can fit many lures
  • Well known tackle company
  • High quality material
  • Users report the front plastic holder does not keep the utility boxes in well.  Especially with a lot of tackle inside

4. Flambeau Tackle Single-Tray Tackle Box

The flambeau 1 tray tackle box features a latch, tip-guard try supports and all-weather, worm-proof materials. Tongue-and-groove construction between lid and base yields water-resistant design and precision fit, and the box includes removable dividers for enhanced storage capabilities. Varied tray Depth allows for greater capacity options among the 12 compartments.

single tray pink tackle box


Price: Under $20

Pros Cons
  • Light weight and easy to carry
  • Up to 12 compartments
  • Water resistant design
  • Multi-Use (Many use this tackle box for emergency kits, nail salons, tools etc)  Very Cute in any situation!
  • Very small for fishing often, great for occasional fishing


5. Cabela’s Pink Utility Bag

The Cabelas Pink Utility Bag includes four 3500 trays in the main compartment. Adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. Five pockets for extra organized storage. Built-in tool retractor (tool not included). Durable 600-denier fabric construction. Imported.

Cabela's Pink Utility bag


Price: $25-30

Pros Cons
  • Highest quality box based on material and usability
  • Shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Multiple pockets and built-in tool re tractor
  • One reviewer reported the bag to be small but most say it is the size that is pictured

6. Flambeau Camo Bag

This bag is also featured in our best camo bag list and for a good reason.  The flambeau bags are made with very good quality and if you like camo its stunning.

Camo Pink Tackle Box

Price: $40-$45

Pros Cons
  • Stylish Reaper Camo Pattern for Fishing and Hunting
  • Padded Shoulder Strap
  • 3 Outside Pockets
  • 4 Tuff Trainers
  • High rated product
  • Well known tackle manufacturer
  • Highest price point


Best Pink Camo Tackle Box

I love camo gear just as much as the next person!  These pink camo bags are some of the best on the market and great for those who want some flare!


Your best choice for casual use and a lower budget is the Plano 1 Tray.  It is built with quality and a great price point.  The Cabela’s Utility Bag is great for $25 and the Flambeau Camo Bag will be the best choice if you are not limited on budget!