Best Tackle Box for Gun Cleaning Supplies

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Whether you bought a professional gun cleaning kit or but have accumulated supplies over the years.  Look into buying a hard tackle box for your gun cleaning supplies. Tackle boxes are often large enough to hold all of your brushes, solvents, and oils.

Gun Cleaning Tackle Box Storage

What if I told you that you could use a fairly inexpensive tackle box for storing your gun cleaning supplies? A tackle box can be used either as such or with a tackle box system. And the best part about it is that it offers a convenient storage option.

Top 3 Tackle Boxes for Gun Cleaning

Plano 1354-02 -by Rack System 3500 Size Tackle Box

  • Tested for durability
  • Made in the USA
  • Made using the highest quality components
  • Includes Plano small 4-by rack system, Plano brochure, nameplate order form
  • Bulk storage under lid
  • Four 2-3500 Prolatch boxes included
  • DuraView front cover
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Plano 4-Drawer Tackle Box

  • Made of highest quality material
  • Manufacturer: Plano
  • Plano 4 drawer Plano tackle box 758
  • Includes Plano four drawer system, Plano brochure, nameplate order form
  • Four bait racks
  • Large bulk storage
  • Side tool storage
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Preview Product Price
Plano 4-Drawer Tackle Box Plano 4-Drawer Tackle Box $44.32

Plano FTO Elite Ultimate Angler System with 7 Stowaways

  • Main compartment Presents utility boxes at a 15 degree angle for ease of access Integrated, expandable rear pocket Non-skid rubber feet Purview covers and doors
  • Main compartments presents utility boxes at a 15 degree angle for ease of access
  • Integrated, expandable rear pocket
  • DuraStar covers and doors
  • Includes three 3740, two 3640 and one 3440 waterproof utility boxes
  • Non-skid rubber feet


It’s not uncommon for gun enthusiasts to own an overflowing amount of gun cleaning supplies. And keeping them organized allows you to use them whenever you need without additional fuss and complication. That being said, you can choose to organize your supplies in different tackle boxes, depending on the frequency at which you use them.

There are numerous tackle boxes featuring dividers, which can simplify your work. In other words, they are placed there for a reason: to minimize the tangling and chaos associated with having too many things.

How to use your tackle box for gun supplies

Over the course of time, as you keep on adding new cleaning supplies to your collection, you’ll end up with an overwhelming amount of stuff that seems difficult to sort. What is the result? A mixture of supplies in utter disarray – essentially, this makes finding the thing you actually need next to impossible.

Aside from the organization and time issues that are rather common, you might also risk damaging your supplies if you store them improperly. And this is no fun, especially if we were to consider the amount of money you invest in them.

Therefore, you must know that many high-quality tackle boxes feature a waterproof, durable construction to protect all your belongings. This means that all your supplies are adequately proofed from any external element that could affect them in any way.

What is more, even if the tackle box isn’t waterproof, most units are made of resilient fabric that can withstand harsh conditions.

Pick the One That Addresses Your Needs

The thing with purchasing a complete kit of gun cleaning supplies is that you get the whole package. In other words, you might prefer to personalize the contents of your gun cleaning supplies kit, as opposed to getting a box whose content is chosen by someone else. You can view a full list of hard tackle While many people might find it convenient, if you’re like me – and you pay great attention to smallest details, you’ll find that a customizable box makes much more sense.

For instance, I have invested in the Plano Ultimate fishing tackle box, which can effortlessly accommodate everything I need for cleaning my favorite guns. I consider the separate trays to be an excellent addition, simplifying the process a lot.

So, whenever I need to clean a gun, I go to that specific tackle box, and no longer do I have to waste time looking for something that isn’t even there.

Ultimately, there are different styles and sizes to choose from. For example, if you want to take your cleaning supplies with you on a trip, you might consider getting a tackle box in the form of a tackle bag.



Using the cleaning kit that came with the cleaning supplies isn’t the best idea. That’s because, most of the time, the carrying case is of poor quality. Not to mention that you don’t have sufficient room for things such as cleaning rods or CLP – you name it.  If you have not purchased a gun cleaning kit yet — Here are some great options to fill your tackle box.

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