Best Tackle Box with Tackle Included (2019 Review)

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The joys of fishing are limitless – nothing battles a peaceful day spent away from everyday responsibilities when you just admire the endless beauty and serenity of nature. Still, in order to truly enjoy the pleasant part of fishing, you must be prepared and have appropriate equipment.

To put it roughly, fishing necessitates tackle. And having a tackle box that is specifically created to keep your things organized is a must. Since the choices are limitless, I’d like to present to you three top products that are worthy of your attention.

Top 3 ready to go tackle boxes

1. Ready 2 Fish Tackle Box

This is a sturdy, hard tackle box, featuring a wide range of compartments that you can use for organizing your gear as you please. The box is nicely compartmentalized so that you can accommodate your go-to fishing tackle. You can read more in our ready 2 fish tackle box review.

Thanks to the fold-out tray system, you can have a quick look at the box and determine what you need right away.ready 2 fish tackle box

Moving on, this hard-plastic tackle box is durable. That would make it a long-term investment. Plus, it is waterproof – meaning that, if you accidentally drop it in water, this won’t put an end to your fishing trip.

Also, considering that this tackle box comes accompanied with the essential tackle you’ll need for your fishing adventures, this is quite convenient. That is to say, you won’t have to shop for every item separately.

On the other side, this could be an inconvenience for other fishermen – namely those who want to shop for their favorite fishing gear. At the end of the day, though, this will depend primarily on the type of fishing you prefer to do.

If you are a beginner, getting a tackle with everything included is quite convenient. However, as you become better at this sport, your expectations and specifications will change, and the same can be said about your gear preferences.

That being said, this tackle box comes equipped with 136 pieces of equipment, just to name a few: 1/4 oz. jig head, a 1/8 oz. jig head, 10 every single size BB, 3-way Plano Deal with box, 3/0 & 7 split shot, 2-tray value pack tackle box, lures, a 2-tray box with accessories, swivels, weights, floats, and many others.

I like the fact that they are nicely organized and there is enough room for everything you want. Even when it is fully loaded, it isn’t too heavy to carry. Nevertheless, if you have to hike to reach the fishing spot, perhaps you should choose a tackle backpack, as it would make everything easier for you.

What I Like

  • Affordable rate
  • Ideal for beginners
  • It features three trays you can use to arrange your gear
  • Quick access to your gear
  • Practical

What I Don’t Like

  • In cold temperatures, the plastic is brittle, which increases the likelihood of breakage
  • It isn’t practical for long fishing trips

2. Plano Ready-Set-Fish 3-Tray Box

This is another product that qualifies as a decent tackle box, and the price is definitely on point. However, this is also an item targeted for beginners, which would mean that expert anglers should look elsewhere.

To start with, weighing 3.7 pounds, this tackle box is pretty compact and lightweight – which is definiteplano ready 2 fish tackle boxly a good thing. At the same time, this doesn’t mean that you don’t get all the necessary gear for a successful fishing trip.

I’ll outline the main components of the tackle box: 1 springer, 1 hook, 24 size 6 hooks, 6 assorted floats, 1 hook disgorger, 24 size 8 hooks, 24 size 4 hooks, 24 assorted split shot, 24 assorted swivels, 12 assorted crappie jigs, 12 assorted jig heads, 24 assorted grubs, and others.

As you can see, it has all the basics. Of course, you might need other items, as well, depending on your fishing style and habits. But this depends on every angler.

There are plenty of compartments for accommodating your basics, as well – namely 22-34 compartments. And the bottom of the box can be used for other, more sizeable items that you might need on your fishing adventures.

Moving on to the durability of the box, I think it is well-made and sturdy. In other words, it can take a punch. When closed, it is secured accordingly. That is to say, if you drop it, your tackle won’t end up scattered on the ground, which is each angler’s nightmare. To be more specific, in order to ensure secure closing, the box features brass bailed latch.

All in all, this is a solid tackle box for beginners.

What I Like

  • It features essential items for every angler
  • A nice tackle box for starting up fishing
  • Solid construction
  • Relatively lightweight
  • Secure closing system

What I Don’t Like

  • It features a small collection of lures. You’ll need to add more over the course of time.
  • If you like to have options on your fishing trips, this tackle box might be too small for your needs.

3. South Bend Wormgear Tackle Box

According to most reviewers, this tackle box would be fit for a kid or a beginner only. And I agree. If you’re into connecting lures and you’re the type of angler that enjoys having a lot of options during fishing, I’d have to say that this tackle box is likely to disappoint you.

On the opposite, if you’re into casual fishing, and you’re just starting to taste this delightful sport, you don’t need a tackle box with a lot of bells and whistles. But a basic, durable item like this one will undeniably appeal to you.

I can assure you that it easily holds everything you need, including gloves and pliers. Underneath, there is plenty of space for other things, as well.

Moving on to the contents of this tackle box, it features 88 items, including an assortment of hooks designated for a wide range of applications. I’ll enumerate some of the tackle included by the manufacturer: a hook disgorger, brass swivels, non-lead split shot, hooks and multi-colored floats.

As for the weight of this tackle box, it weighs 13.6 ounces – therefore, you can determine why it would be suitable for children. The fact that the Southbend Wormgear tackle box is available in pink or blue – is also a hint.

Therefore, this is a really small tackle box, so make sure you adjust your expectations before ordering it. However, it is a great starter kit. It all comes down to what you’re looking for in a tackle box.

What I Like

  • Affordable price
  • It is a nice option for children who enjoy fishing
  • Beginner anglers might find it suitable, as well
  • It is compact
  • It is easy to carry

What I Don’t Like

  • The hooks are too tiny
  • It is really compact and small, being better fitted for children or for beginner anglers that don’t carry a lot of gear during fishing trips

Final Thoughts

To conclude, these are my recommendations for essential, basic tackle boxes with tackle included. Each of the options I have listed above is tailored for beginners, as you’ve already noted if you’ve reached the end of this review article.

Now it’s up to you to determine your budget and your specifications. What is the most important thing, in your opinion, during an angling trip? To have options or to carry the minimum amount of weight with you? Do you enjoy flexibility and convenience, or do you want to have an extensive range of gear to choose from? Only you can answer these questions and, afterward, make the right purchase.