Want to make that big catch? Looking for consistent success on your outings? Just want a peaceful morning on the water? Regardless of why you’re going fishing, the fishing line you choose to use affects your experience. The good news is, we’re here to help you make that decision!

Braided vs. Mono: The classic debate between these two rages on amongst anglers on the water and critics across the web. We’re not here to settle the score or provide a definite answer. Instead, we offer the positive aspects for both, suggest which may suit you depending on your fishing goals, and provide a few recommendations for each!

What is Braided Fishing Line?

• smaller diameter = more reel on your line
• more durable
• less flexible- if you’re switching over you’ll definitely notice this, but most would say it’s worth it to make the switch

For competition fishing where landing one big fish can make the difference,
If you want to be more prolific at knot-tying (never a bad skill to have!),
If you’ve been fishing a long time with monofilament and are looking for a new change or challenge,
If you like top-of-the-line, high quality gear…

Braided lines are for you!

Top Braided fishing lines we recommend:
1. KastKingSuper Power Fishing Line
thin line, doesn’t tear easily, strong knots
2. KastKing Mega Super 8 Fishing Line
some of the strongest line on the market
3. Sougayilang Multifilament Pe Superbraid Fishing Line
very accurate casting

What is Monofilament Fishing line?

• tried, true, and tested- been around a lot longer, for many people it’s all they’ve ever known or needed.
• “the learner’s line”- for those just starting out this is where we’d begin. It is much easier to tie knots for example
• affordable- considerably less expensive than braided lines

If you’re new to the awesome world of fishing,
if you’re investing in your kids by teaching them to fish,
if you’re a fan of “old school” methods,
if you want simple, user-friendly line…

Monofilament is the way to go for you!

Top Monofilament fishing line we recommend:
1. Spiderware Ultracast Ultimate Fishing Line
thin diameter, strong knots
2. Stren High Impact Fishing Line
strong line, good for saltwater fishing too
3. Hi-Seas Grand Slam Fishing Line
more expensive, less likely to tear