How to Spool a Spinning Reel with Braided Line

by | Mar 8, 2018 | Tips | 0 comments

Much like spooling mono line on a spinning reel.  The most important thing to remember, just like braiding any line is to keep the correct tension, so you don’t get twisting or knots. Line can get slippery, so go slowly and make sure you’re pulling it taught as you reel.

Spooling Braided Line on a Spinning Reel

If you were not able to follow the video, here are written instructions.

1. First, just grab your rod and put the braided line through the top eye (closest to the reel).

Pull that line down to the reel.

2. Then (and this is very important), make sure you flip the bail open. Too often, we forget to open the bail, and the whole process is ruined!

3. Next, you’re going to tie a knot with the briaded line to connect with the reel. It’s not really important which knot you use, just something that will hold sufficiently.

I like to use a double overhand knot, where I loop the end over the spool.

Once that’s secure, tighten down and then do it a second time.

4. Carefully pull the tag end to the knot, tightening as you go. You should be able to get close enough that you don’t need to cut the end.

5. Now that you’re attached, reel in enough mono line to cover the spool with a layer or two of line. Hold your top two fingers of your right hand on the line up near the eye to make sure it’s tight and true.

6. Now that you’ve covered the spool, cut the line past the first eye.

Once the braided is attached, make sure it’s tight, and there are no twists or tangles.

7. Grab the braided line now using your right hand on the rod and your two fingers to feed the line. This is when you’ll want to use the washcloth in between your fingers and the braided line, so you don’t burn up or cut your fingers.

8. Start reeling and bring in the braided line to the reel.

Make sure that the spool is letting off line clockwise, with the label up, and the reel is going clockwise, too (from the top). That’s how you know it’s all lined up properly.

Keep pinching with your fingers as the braided line passes through to create the right tension and keep it clear of knots.

Just like filling a spool of mono line, you’ll want to come close to the edge of the reel but not touch it or go over. Leaving about 1/8″ to 1/16″ is recommended – juts enough for you to touch the reel.

But you do want to get as much braided line on there as possible so you’ll be able to cast sufficiently far. Once it’s done, clip the end of the line and put it through the remaining eyes, tying your end knot or however you want to secure it.


You’re now set up with braided line and ready to hit the ice!