Drilling a dozen holes can be a pain but you still need the best ice auger to get the job done.   

A good manual ice auger that can cut through 18 inches of ice quickly will make or break your trip.   Of course you can always go with a gas, electric, or propane ice auger as well.  If you are serious about ice fishing, you need to check these out.

Best Ice Augers Reviews 2018

Ice Augers ModelSpecial FeatureSizesCheck Price On Amazon
Eskimo Hand Auger
manual auger for ice fishing
Lightweight and Affordable6-Inch
Check Price
Eskimo High Compression
eskimo quikfish ice auger
Best Propane Auger8-Inch
Check Price
ION 19150
ion ice fishing auger review
Best Electric Auger8-InchCheck Price
Strike Master Lazer Hand Auger
ice fishing strike master auger
Reduce Ice Buildup5-Inch
Check Price
XtremepowerUS V-Type
xtremepower gas auger
Best Gas Auger4-Inch
Check Price
Jiffy Model 60
Smoothest Cut8-InchCheck Price
Eskimo Shark Z71
shark z71 ice auger review
Most Powerful10-InchCheck Price
ION X 29250
Best Battery Powered Auger
Best Battery Powered Auger8-InchCheck Price
Eskimo S33Q8 Sting Ray
sting ray auger review
Light and Affordable8-InchCheck Price
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best propane ice auger
best hand ice auger reviews
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best propane ice auger

eskimo high compression 40cc propane with 10-inch quantum ice auger

best ice auger for cordless drill

eskimo mako quantum 43cc power ice fishing auger

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best 4 stroke ice auger

ion 40v max electric ice auger, 8 inch, with reverse

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