Lucky Tackle Box Review 2019


Lucky Tackle Box Review
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Using the same tackle all over again can make the experience of fishing less entertaining. Obviously, you’d be missing out on some really cool items, as well. In 2012, the fishing industry was taken by storm – this is when the concept of “mystery tackle box” was created.  Mystery tackle box and Lucky Tackle box have taken the market by storm with an Amazing product for fisherman.

If you’ve been fishing for years, there’s a chance you already know what we’re talking about. If not, don’t sweat it: you’ll learn everything about what this is, how it works and why you should definitely try it.

There’s a chance that this article will get you excited enough to make a change in both your tackle and fishing practices. Thousands of people have already made this decision and didn’t go back.

Now, let’s get into more detail!

What is Lucky Tackle Box?

Lucky Tackle Box is fundamentally a monthly subscription similar to Mystery Tackle Box. After you’ve created an account and chose a package, you’ll start receiving a tackle box once a month.

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Each box offers new tackle – no one would ever subscribe if they kept on receiving the identical tackle in 3 boxes. The service works in the same way as Mystery Tackle Box, its main rival.

Lucky Tackle Box offers 3 packages you can choose from: Regular, XL, and Tournament. This service, too, provides more tackle than you pay for. A $15 tackle box will return you approximately $25 worth of tackle.

The boxes don’t contain tackle for just one species of fish, but for multiple ones. We will talk about them in another section. If you’re displeased with Lucky Tackle Box for any reason, you can cancel your subscription. If everything’s fine, your subscription will renew automatically each month.

All boxes are shipped on the 8th of each month. Also, the shipping of the boxes is free, no matter where you live in the United States. We know that you’re fidgety, so we’ll jump straight to what you’re (probably) interested in the most: those packages.

What Lure Brands do you get inside Lucky Tackle Box?

what do you get in lucky tackle box

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Lucky Tackle Box Subscription Plans


LTB Regular Plan

The Regular package is the standard Lucky Tackle Box plan. It’s priced at $15 and, as mentioned above, it gives you $25 in tackle. If you opt for this plan, you can get between 5 and 7 baits per box, depending on what species you choose.

If you’re a beginner fisherman/woman, this package is everything you need for now. It gives you the chance to try some new tackle from manufacturers that you may have never heard about.

And of course, if you fall in love with those items, you can look them up on the Internet and purchase more.


The XL package costs $25 and provides $40 worth of tackle. This is the most popular Lucky Tackle Box plan because it has tackle for the largest number of species, unlike the Regular and Tournament plans, which are quite limited when it comes to this aspect.

$40 of tackle for $25 is a deal that no fisherman would say “No” to. But then again, if you feel like you don’t need that much tackle, you can go for the standard package and stick with that until your tackle needs any improvement.


LTB Tournament Plan

The Tournament package is the most expensive: $46 per month. But then again, the amount of tackle you’ll get is appraised at $96. Subsequently, the contents double your investment.

Again, if you’re a beginner and still have a lot to learn about fishing in general, it wouldn’t make sense to choose this plan until you’ve experimented with the first two. As your fishing skills get sharpened, keep on upgrading until you feel like you’re ready for the Tournament package.

Alright, so these are the plans. Now it’s time to tackle (no pun intended) the various species addressed by each package.

LTB Species Options

  • The Regular Plan has boxes with tackle for bass, crappie, panfish, and It’s not much, but it could be worse.
  • The XL Plan offers hooks, floaters, and baits for bass, saltwater species, multi-species, walleye and fly There’s something for absolutely every single angler in an XL box.
  • The Tournament Plan has tackle for bass and multi-species. We guess that multi-species means that you get items for a huge variety of fish, therefore you’d be all set.

Just like Mystery Tackle Box, Lucky Tackle Box allows you to purchase gifts for the members of your family that are into fishing. Naturally, we have to take a look at these in order to see what exactly you can buy for the fishing aficionados in your life.

Lucky Tackle Box Gift Card Options

The gifts on the site of the service are grouped into 4 distinct categories: Multi-Month, Single Box, LTB Gear, and Gift Cards. These have tons of cool stuff in them.

  • Multi-Month Gifts

These are basically subscriptions you can buy for someone. You can choose only between the Regular and XL packages.

A Regular package box, for instance, is packed with baits, 5 miscellaneous fishing items, a Fishhound magazine, a sticker, free samples and a $5 tackle coupon.

The XL package box contains baits, around 7 fishing items and everything that can be found in the Regular package, as well. One cannot choose the Tournament package as a monthly gift, for some reason or another.

Of course, the free shipping is a guarantee.

  • Single Box Gifts

This is pretty self-explanatory at this point. If you decide to go with this option, you can choose a box that contains tackle for certain species: bass, walleye, inshore saltwater, panfish, multi-species, trout, catfish and fly fishing.

The prices range from $15 to $25. This is perfect if the one you buy the box for doesn’t have a subscription. If he/she is into fishing a certain species, you can choose that when your order the box.

  • LTB Gear

Hoodies, hats, beanies, hoo rags, t-shirts, tanks, hoodies – whatever you want, you can find it in this category. All these elements of apparel have the Lucky Tackle Box logo printed on them.

If your hubby loves Lucky Tackle Box, a t-shirt or hat might just be the greatest gift you can offer to him.

  • Gift Cards

Gift cards have values like $25, $50, $75 or $100. They can be redeemed in the Lucky Tackle Box shop. Be careful, though, because you can’t redeem a gift card if you have a subscription, regardless of type.

This isn’t very cool, you might think. The thing is that you can actually redeem a gift card to purchase a subscription. There are other things you can buy with a gift card: LTB gear, baits and bundles.

If you’re lucky enough to catch a sale, you can get an XL box for $20 instead of $45. This is why it’s not recommended for you to redeem your gift card recklessly. Wait until there are some discounts worth your money and act fast.

Pro Tip: Look for limited edition boxes (aka “Bundles”). Those sell out really fast because they’ve got unique tackle that you can’t find elsewhere. The newsletter might be a good source of info as to when great bundles are back in stock.

The Lucky Tackle Box Bass Fishing Tournament  

The Bass Fishing Tournament is a contest that has a prize pool of over $5k. This year, it’s held between the 15th and 31st of March. In order to register for this, you have to download an app called TourneyX on your phone.

From here on, all you have to do is catch as much bass as possible (any species of bass, by the way) and submit photos with your catch on the aforementioned App. Maybe you’ll be this month’s winner.

Considering that there are some generous prizes, we’re convinced you’ll do your best. Keep in mind that there’s a $5 entry fee. It goes without saying that that’s a small price to pay, though, for the opportunity of winning $5k worth of prizes.

What Subscription Should I Buy?  

Ideally, you should start with the Regular package, especially if you’re new to fishing. It might look like an easy thing, but you must gain a lot of insight before you can become however professional.

Most people don’t really care about professionalism since for them fishing is just a way of spending a Sunday’s leisure. However, even in that case, they need some good tackle.

It just doesn’t help to go down to a lake to swear for a couple of hours because the bait you’re using is of low quality. By getting new tackle, you’ll be able to spend your free time more effectively.

As you become more and more acquainted with what it takes to go home with a good catch, you can and should upgrade to the next package and see what’s in store for you.

Many people make the mistake of going straight for the most professional package when they can’t even cast a fishing road properly. That’s a waste of both time and money right there.

Take it one step at a time and it will surely pay off. You’ve got plenty of time to get all the fish from the pond.

Never seen a Lucky Tackle Box Unboxing?  Here is a January 2018 Video

Payment Methods

Lucky Mystery Box accepts Discover, VISA, American Express and MasterCard debit or credit cards. Unfortunately, the service doesn’t accept PayPal. That’s really not a big deal. Most fishermen, especially the elderly, don’t even know what PayPal is.

You’ve probably observed that Lucky Mystery Box has Loyalty Points. Those cannot be used for paying for subscriptions, either. You can redeem them in the shop and that’s about it.

Obviously, the more points you earn, the more things you’ll be able to purchase. You start earning points as fast as you’ve created an account.

Is Lucky Tackle Box Better than Mystery Tackle Box?

This question has been on the Internet for ages, but nobody was ever able to provide a definitive answer to it. When you break it down in terms of tackle, both services offer items from various manufacturers. Check out our LTB vs MTB comparison guide for a more in depth answer.

Moreover, their prices really don’t differ as much. There are two key differences between the two companies, however: Mystery Tackle Box doesn’t have a very large shop and has no contests like LTB’s Bass Fishing Tournament.

Anyhow, these differences aren’t related to the quality of the tackle, therefore they shouldn’t affect your decision to go with either of the two services. If you want to gain more insight on this topic, you should do some research on the Internet.

There are many hubs where fishermen discuss such things. You shouldn’t expect to find a consensus, though, because we’ve scoured those threads left and right and couldn’t discover one.

Both companies offer free shipping and a sizeable amount of tackle in each box, so there you go. We’re positive that it all boils down to the tackle you get. That’s the main reason why people order those boxes in the first place.

The Bottom Line

Entering a fishing rut isn’t very nice. Before you know it, it feels like a chore instead of a way to relax and blow some steam. Changing your tackle once in a while can do wonders and can kick-start your passion for fishing again.

You can do this by simply getting a Lucky Tackle Box subscription. Remember to use Code “REFER5” to get $5 off.

Moreover, since those items are all made by renowned industry-leaders, you can rest assured that they are qualitative, and they will last you a long time.

Pro Tip: If you like the tackle in a particular Lucky Tackle Box, you can buy more by searching for those items on the Internet. There’s no guarantee that you’ll find them, but that shouldn’t put you off.

We hope that you’ve found this brief guide handy and that sooner or later you’ll change the entire tackle you have now with brand-new items. These will improve your fishing routine and the amount of catch you go home with after a long fishing session.