Musky Fish Information (Fish of 10,000 Casts)

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Muskellunge, often just described as muskies, are one of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan’s prize catches and fast-becoming among Maine’s premier game fish. With a track record for being an intense, hard-running fish, muskellunge offer fishermen of all capacities an obstacle seldom matched by other varieties. Musky are presently most common in lakes in the Northern Midwest, but are coming to be more widespread following their introduction into numerous brand-new water of 10,000 casts

A normal muskellunge will expand to around 30-36 inches in length as well as weigh in anywhere between 5 and 10 pounds. Bigger muskies are not unusual however, with fish routinely going beyond fifteen pounds and 50+ inches in length and are caught often while fishing in the fall. Their bodies are long as well as slim with dark upright bars on a lighter eco-friendly or brownish history whilst their mouths have a collection of sharp teeth a sign of their hostile, predatory nature. Muskellunge look much like north pike, though can be differentiated by their generally lighter look and existence of seven or more (in contrast to the northern pike’s 5) sensory pores under the jaw.

Musky Fishing

Muskellunge tend to spend much of their time in deeper waters before counting on the shallower, scraggy locations looking for food. It is additionally strongly thought that the very best time to land muskies, especially trophy-sized, is either early in the early morning or last thing in the evening prior to sunset. Muskellunge can be caught throughout the day, though the greatest fish tend to steer clear of the shallower areas throughout much of the day.

Using the right Muskie Gear

Because of the fast-running, hostile nature of the muskellunge, a strong pole as well as line are necessary for an effective catch. Several anglers prefer to go with a heavy-duty rod and reel for muskies or fiberglass rod combined with 20-40 extra pound line. Also a relatively little muskie will argue, which is why such a strong line is called for. Bucktails and Bulldog’s are especially effective for catching muskellunge, as well as both can be made use of with either a trolling or casting technique. The color of the appeal is additionally crucial, and also ideal results will certainly be attained by matching it with that said of a local food plastic musky lure

Muskellunge bring in fishermen from around the world to the Musky Capital of the World (Boulder Junction, Wisconsin).  Whether you are trying to catch a world record muskie or simply enjoy the difficulty of a big, powerful fighting fish, muskellunge are excellent.  If you are in Boulder Junction, stop on over to Rollie and Helen’s musky shop in Minocqua WI, a 30 minute drive away.  Rollie and Helen’s is the world largest muskie shop!



Muskellunge World Record – Controversial History…

Every angler dreams of catching the biggest fish and setting a world record. In the vast world of game fishing, there are a lot of record spots for anglers to try to achieve. In freshwater fishing, one record fishers can aim for is catching the biggest Muskie. However, there is a twist!the biggest muskie ever caught

The history of the biggest Muskie ever caught is controversial for many reasons:

  1. Accusations of falsifying the accuracy of measurements.
  2. Differentiating opinions of authority record holding organizations.
  3. A disaster resulting in the loss of original evidence.
  4. Inconclusive ruling of an analyzed photographs.
  5. The disqualification of a record holder.

(Photo from St Croix Rods WI)

What is the world record muskie length and weight?

Authority Record Organization Opinions

International Game Fish Associate (IGFA): The current world record for a Muskie caught belongs to Cal Johnson. Mr. Johnson and his son, Phil, were on a fishing trip together to Moccasin Lodge in Hayward, Wisconsin, the Muskie capital of the world, on July 24, 1949. With a length of 60.25 inches, a weight of 67.5 pounds, and a girth of 33.5 inches, this monster had to be towed to the shore of Lac Court O’ Reilles and beached since the Johnsons were unable to get it into the boat.

Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame (louis spray world record muskie): Hayward, Wisconsin was the site of a new freshwater fishing record for the largest all tackle Muskie on October 20. Louis Spray caught a 69 pound, 11 ounce behemoth at Herman’s Landing on the Chippewa Flowage. The reported length was 63.5 inches. Numerous witnesses were watching when the fish left the water and the process of measuring and weighing occurred.

So, why the uproar?

Heated Debate

There are many factors contributing to the rise of the big debate:

  1. The World Record Muskie Alliance believes that the fish was roughly 55 pounds.
  2. Evidence relied on old photos where an independent company analyzed the pictures and used the length of the fish and Spray’s height as a guide – concluding that Spray lied.
  3. Ten people who were there during the fish weighing signed affidavits stating that Spray’s numbers were correct.
  4. A fire destroyed the mounted Muskie in 1959, leaving scientific examination impossible.

Tiebreakers and Disqualifiers

Evidence sent to the National Fresh Water Hall of Fame precipitated opening another investigation. After analyzing the photos, the Hall of Fame found the documentation submitted by the World Record Muskie Alliance was at best, inconclusive. Their inquiry agreed with Spray, allowing his record to be upheld. He lost the title to Art Lawton, who caught a reported 69 pound, 15-ounce Muskie in 1957 on the St. Lawrence River. Lawton’s fish title “retired” due to disqualification in 1992, leaving Spray as the record holder once again.

There is no denying that there has been promising fish caught for the Musky world record throughout freshwater fishing history. Although, final decisions resting on the prize winner is subjective to opinion. The debate over whether Spray’s enormous Muskie was the product of lies and deceit still rages on today.

What about the world record tiger muskie?

Equally exciting is the world record tiger muskie because they are a cross between a muskie and a northern pike. The world record tiger muskie is 52.5 inches in length, 44.26 lbs and a girth of 25 inches.

Ed Kalinowski, of New Meadows, Idah