Mystery Tackle Box Pro vs. Regular (Updated Nov 2021)


Mystery Tackle Box has gotten a lot of coverage in the fishing world lately. For those who aren’t familiar with MTB, it’s a service that sends subscribers a tackle box each month.

The contents of the box differ from month to month. Also, you’ll get more or less tackle, depending on what plan you’ve chosen. People seem to be more attracted to the first two packages, Regular and Pro, more than they are to the Elite one.

This warrants an investigation as to which of the two is best. Of course, we can’t do this unless we analyze them with respect to price and content.

Mystery Tackle Box Regular  

The MTB Regular package costs $14.99 per month, which makes it the cheapest plan. For this monthly $14.99 investment, you get $25 in tackle. You’re probably wondering why so many people choose to go with this plan instead of the Pro one.

It’s neither the price nor the amount of tackle, but the variety of species one can get tackle for. The Regular MTB box is the only one that provides tackle like hooks, floaters and other fishing items for all the species.

These are bass, panfish, walleye, inshore saltwater (flounder and snook, among others), catfish, trout, and bass. The subspecies that MTB caters tackle for can be found on the MTB website of the service.

So, this is the bottom line: the MTB Regular plan is cheap and provides quite a lot of tackle for this price.

2019 MTB Regular Unboxing

Mystery Tackle Box Pro

The word “Pro” immediately makes you think that this plan is exponentially better than the Regular one. In this case, however, that’s not entirely true, for reasons we’ll outline below.

The MTB Pro plan costs $24.99 and returns approximately $40 in tackle and various freebies (fishing content, decals, etc.). This would be fantastic if it weren’t for the limitation on the species for which you can get tackle.

The MTB Pro package has items for just 3 species of fish: inshore saltwater, walleye, and bass. We honestly hoped that the Pro plan would include more species than the Regular one. It’s common sense from our point of view.

The reasoning behind this is a blur. Maybe the price of the plan would be higher if there was tackle for all species in it? While this might be true, we can’t vouch for this theory.

2019 Mystery Tackle Box Pro Unboxing


In this circumstance, the verdict is this: if you want more tackle for a limited number of species, you should go with the Pro plan. On the other hand, if you want more tackle for a lot more species, you should opt for the Regular plan.

Here’s something you should know: the tackle from the Regular package can be used by professional fishermen and the tackle from the Pro package can be used by beginners. There’s no difference between them in terms of quality.

At this point, we are inclined to believe that it makes more sense to choose the Regular package over the Pro one.