Mystery Tackle Box Review (2019 Update)

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Mystery Tackle Box Review
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I have been a subscriber of both MTB and LTB for over a year and I can say that I get a much better bait selection from Mystery Tackle Box by being able to select exactly the species I want.  MTB has 6 Species options versus LTB’s Bass | Ice Fishing  or Crappie/Trout/Panfish.   I recommend the Regular box for beginner fisherman and the Pro for avid Bass / Walleye anglers as well as Saltwater fishing.

If you’ve grown tired of your old tackle, Mystery Tackle Box is sure to inject some excitement into your life as a fisherman. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or professional fisherman – Mystery Tackle Box has got something for everybody.

In this article, we’ll provide you with an in-depth analysis of this service and we’ll introduce you to what it does, what it offers and the reasons why spontaneity is always better than routine.

What is Mystery Tackle Box?

Basically, it’s all in the title, but just for the sake of argument, we’ll give you some valuable insight: Mystery Tackle Box is a monthly fishing subscription-based company that sends subscribers a tackle box once a month.

If you are like me, a video is the best way to show what it is!

Mystery Tackle Box Beginner Series Unboxing 2018

Mystery Tackle Box Subscriptions

As mentioned above, you can choose between the Regular, Pro and Elite packages. What we haven’t mentioned, though, is that you can opt for the Beginner Series, as well. Each of these comes with its own price, so don’t purchase one that you don’t genuinely need.

  • The Beginner Series

mtb beginner series box

If you choose the Beginner Series, you’ll get 3 tackle boxes for 3 months. This plan costs $59.97 (for all 3 months, not per month). These boxes come with fishing content (both video and in written form) that will help you become a more successful fisherman.

The content is as follows:

  • 1st Month: You’ll get the “Intro to Fishing” + tackle and line
  • 2nd Month: “Beyond the Basics” + hard baits
  • 3rd Month: “First Rig” + tackle (primarily crankbaits, swimbaits and spinnerbaits)

When it comes to the tackle, this plan is focused more on items for panfish and bass fishing than any other species. Obviously, the shipping of your 3 boxes will be free of charge.

The tackle, paradoxically, is the least important item of this series. The most important is the information you get in each box. This will help you step up your fishing game in no time.   You can view the plans on the Mystery Tackle Box website or read about them here.updated mystery tackle box subscription prices

  • Mystery Tackle Box Regular

The Regular plan is the cheapest of them all: $16.99 per month. The tackle you’ll receive is appraised at $25. Like all the other plans, it auto-renews. You can cancel your subscription or upgrade to a better plan whenever you want.

This plan is optimal for casual fishermen who don’t need a lot of tackle, to begin with. $25 provides enough tackle for those who’ve just picked up fishing as a hobby, as well.

The number of species offered by this subscription plan is the largest, but more on that in due time.

  • Mystery Tackle Box Pro

The Pro plan costs $26.99 per month and provides $40 worth of tackle. The list of species for which you can get tackle is much narrower than it is for the other plans, however. It concentrates on just 3 out of 7.

The reasoning behind this is somewhat obscure, but we suppose that the company knows better.

This limitation, however, means that you’ll get quite a generous amount of tackle for those 3 species. The Pro plan, too, renews automatically each month and gives you the freedom to upgrade to the last type, which is for the “heavyweights”.  If you are comparing Mystery Tackle Box Pro vs regular Mystery Tackle Box go here. Watch the video on 1 year of MTB Pro (2018)

  • Mystery Tackle Box Elite

The fact that, at the moment, the Elite plan is completely sold out says a lot about the quality of the tackle. This plan is priced at $39.99 per month and the items it contains are appraised at somewhere around $60.

Unlike the other plans, the Elite one has premium bass gear, as specified by the company. Unfortunately, if you want to subscribe to this plan, you’ll have to join the waitlist and we honestly don’t know how quickly it will be restocked.

This Elite Plan sells out really quickly due to the amount of tackle it provides. If you join the waitlist, you’ll be notified by Mystery Tackle Box as quickly as the Elite plan is up for grabs again.

MTB Species Options

MTB Pro Box ChoicesEach mtb species plan has tackle for a number of species but not all are available at the same time. We’ve already said what species the Beginner Series contains tackle for, so we’ll blow past it now.

  • The Regular plan allows you to choose tackle for 6 different species and their adjacent subspecies: bass (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted), inshore saltwater (redfish, speckled trout, flounder and snook), walleye (sauger and walleye), panfish (bluegill, perch and crappie), catfish (flathead, blue and channel) and trout (brown, rainbow, cutthroat and brook).

The tackle for ice fishing is unavailable starting with February, which makes complete sense, given that the ice melts off after that month.

  • The Pro package has tackle for just 3 species: bass, inshore saltwater, and Panfish, trout, and catfish are unavailable, as is, of course, the Ice Fishing option.
  • The Elite plan offers tackle for bass only, which is a little bit disappointing if you ask us, considering that the cheapest plan has tackle for all the species on the site. However, that tackle is of premium quality, so perhaps we shouldn’t complain very much.

It can so happen that you’re not into fishing, but your partner is. Well, in this case, you can purchase some really nice gifts from Mystery Tackle Box in the form of a certificate. Gift certificates are organized just like the Plans.

Mystery Tackle Box Gift Certificates

There are four types of gift certificate options available.

  • The Beginner Series Certificate

If you choose to go with this one, you get everything the Beginner Series consists of: the content, professional tips for fishermen and some tackle. The gift certificate costs as much as the package itself, i.e. $59.97.

This isn’t bad at all since it’s a gift that anybody that has become fascinated with fishing would appreciate. In this light, the 3 Mystery Boxes are a great deal.

  • MTB Normal Gift Certificate

This is the most basic type of gift certificate on Mystery Tackle Box. The prices start at $43.50 and can go all the way up to $165. You’re probably wondering why these prices are so high and here’s the answer: you can actually choose the duration of the gift.

$165, for example, will get the one you purchase the gift for all year round boxes; 12 boxes for 12 months. $43.50 is the price for a 3-month subscription.

If your partner is really into fishing, you should go for the 12-month subscription, to make sure he/she gets all the info and tackle he/she needs.

  • MTB Pro Gift Certificate

In this case, prices start at $72 and can go as high as $276. You can buy a gift subscription for 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on your budget and on how professional your partner or friend is.

Each month, the one who redeems the code gets approximately $40 worth of tackle. This is one of the main reasons why MTB became such a successful company: other services might offer less tackle than customers paid for.

Mystery Tackle Box clearly excels at pleasing its clients, therefore it shouldn’t be difficult to understand why the latter is more prone to keeping and upgrading their plans.

  • MTB Elite Gift Certificate

This last certificate has a starting price of $110.97 and goes up to $419.88. Like in all the previous cases, it contains 12 boxes with $60 worth of tackle each (provided you get the 12-month subscription, of course).

Due to the nature of these gift certificates, they don’t renew automatically each month, like the subscriptions. That’s because one purchases a gift card for a preset number of months.

Also, if you get a Redeem code, there’s no hurry – Mystery Tackle Box doesn’t have any deadlines, so you can redeem your gift at a time of your liking. In order to redeem, you’ll have to create an account (it’s free) and type in the code on your printed certificate.

From that moment on, you’ll be receiving a Mystery Tackle Box each month.

Payment Methods

As long as you’re logged in to your MTB account, you can pay for the subscription via PayPal, VISA, Discover, American Express and MasterCard. The payment is always secure so you won’t have to worry about sending your money and never receiving your boxes.

Do I Need the Standard, Pro or Elite Plan?

It all boils down to your personal needs, as well as to how much experience you have as a fisherman/woman. If you went fishing a couple of times, it goes without saying that you shouldn’t go straight for the Elite plan.

You should start, naturally, with the standard one and then upgrade as you become more experienced. Paying more money right off the bat doesn’t come with the insurance that you’ll become better at what you do in a record time.

The best thing about Mystery Tackle Box is that it gives you the freedom to annul your subscription if those boxes don’t have the tackle you need (less likely, because a ton of brands is featured in them).

Many other similar websites trap clients and carpet-bomb them with low-quality tackle that even children can use. The fact that MTB allows you to either pause or cancel your subscription altogether says a lot about how professional it is.

The Bottom Line

For some, fishing never becomes boring. That’s perfectly understandable. Routine, however, can make this activity less of a pleasure. It’s really important that you change your tackle once in a while and you experiment with different brands.  If you are want to learn more, read our MTB review.

By sticking to the same items you’ve used your whole life, you might be missing out on some amazing brands. We know for a fact that heavyweight fishermen and fisherwomen aren’t very keen on using tackle they haven’t used before, but this is counterproductive.

If you want to improve each fishing experience that you’ll have from now on, trying out your luck with Mystery Tackle Box is highly advisable. Hopefully, you’ve got every bit of info you needed on this company in our guide.

One of the most exciting days of the month is when I receive my Mystery Tackle Box Pro box. Why? Because who doesnt love getting fishing gear at your door step every month.

Originally I started out with a Regular MTB Box at $14.99 / month. You can see one of my MTB Unboxing videos here. After a few months I upgraded to the bass mystery tackle box as bass are what I fish for the most. If your a saltwater guy, walleye, or trout fisherman they have boxes for that too. Take a look at the MTB Pro species you can pick from.

Mystery Tackle Box Comparison

See our comparison of MTB vs Lucky Tackle Box. Once you have decided take a look at the box options for MTB.

As hinted in its name, subscribers don’t have any clue as to what the boxes contain. As a rule of thumb, each box features a wide array of items from various manufacturers. The website offers free shipping and the option to either pause or cancel the shipping.

There are 3 main Mystery Tackle Box plans: Regular, Pro and Elite. The tackle you’ll receive is more valuable than the price you pay for it. For instance, the $14.99 package bestows $25 worth of tackle upon you. We daresay that’s a great deal.

Moreover, you can choose the species of fish you need tackle for and Mystery Tackle Box will oblige to include more of it in your next box. You can change those species whenever you please, which is yet another plus.