Mystery Tackle Box vs Lucky Tackle Box

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As you might know, people wouldn’t order these monthly subscription boxes if it weren’t for the fact that they get more tackle than they actually pay for. These monthly boxes are especially exciting because they deliver fishing baits and fishing gear for a low cost.

Mystery Tackle Box Monthly Subscription

mtb subscription box

In our Mystery Tackle Box review we cover all of the monthly subscription box plan deta

ils.  Usually, a Mystery Tackle Box contains: a hook, a shaker worm, a bait, a 6th Sense Provoke, a hollow water frog and a spinnerbait (which is quite large). Apart from these, each box has a sticker and a reader’s digest.

If we calculate the value of these items, we find out that we get about $47 worth of tackle for a $25 box, so almost double the money. Obviously, absolutely no one can say that that’s not a fantastic deal.

Mystery Tackle Box is widely regarded as the best company of this sort because: on one hand, they’ve got decent, affordable prices and on the other hand, they provide high-quality tackle, as well as fishing guidelines for rookies.

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Lucky Tackle Box Monthly Subscription

ltb subscription boxA Lucky Tackle Box usually has: a jig head, a swimbait, some sort of lure, a hook, a double hook jig, a Buddha Bait (Baby Momma). By calculating the individual prices of these items, we get about $42 worth of tackle and we’re talking about a $15 LTB box.

Therefore, we get almost thrice the sum we’ve paid for the box. While this might look like the very best deal on Earth, it’s not, for a very simple reason: many of these items in the LTB tackle box are discontinued and you have to spend hours researching on the Internet to get a sense of how much they cost.

Make no mistakes: we’re not saying that they are not qualitative. We’re just pointing out something that subscribers should be familiar with. It’s their buck, after all.

They might have a hard time finding these items online if they were so satisfied with those provided by LTB that they wanted to purchase more.

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September 2018 LTB XL Unboxing

How much is Mystery Tackle Box and Lucky Tackle box?

LTB offers the following subscription options: Regular ($15), XL ($25) and Tournament ($46). The first one returns tackle of about $25, the second – $40 and the third – $95. The value-investment rapport goes left: you get a lot more value than you put in the subscription, that’s for sure.

ltb subscription options 2018

MTB has these options: Regular ($14.99), Pro ($24.99) and Elite ($39.99). The first plan will return $25 worth of tackle, the second – $40 and the last one – $60.  Read a more in depth write up about MTB plans here.   Or you can go directly to the Mystery Tackle Box website.

If you are considering the value back on the boxes LTB is the winner, but MTB has more subscription options.There is a chance that much of the tackle they provide is discontinued, and this should be a real concern if it keeps on occurring.

We haven’t heard about this issue in connection to MTB. This makes us more attracted to this company instead of LTB, although the problem we’ve talked about might be a temporary one.

Tackle Box Subscription Species Options

When it comes to lucky tackle box vs mystery tackle box and the various items of tackle for certain species of fish, we’re inclined to say that MTB leads the way, as it MTB provides 6 different species for which you can choose to receive more tackle.

LTB offers tackle for bass, saltwater fish, multi-species, walleye and fly. Multi-species is kind of an obscure term in this context because there’s no info as to what these species are.

Perhaps they’re all the species a fisherman doesn’t go fishing for. At this point, it looks like MTB is the winner once again, although things might take an unexpected turn once the “multi-species” term has a clear-cut definition that lets fishermen know what to expect from their boxes.

One thing is certain: both LTB and MTB provide varied tackle and no two items are alike. When it comes to the number of items found in each box, we must say there aren’t any significant differences.

Which subscription to choose?

  • 9.2/10
    Mystery Tackle Box - 9.2/10
  • 8/10
    Lucky Tackle Box - 8/10

Well, it’s really hard to say. Both companies are high-rated and have glowing testimonials. If you go online, you’ll see that even the most professional fishermen and women are at a loss when it comes to saying which of these 2 is best.

We’ve found a couple of reports that underlined that MTB boxes are more eclectic than the LTB ones, which have the tendency of sending the same stuff all over again. We can’t subscribe to those reports, however, because they’re not true.

We’ve had both MTB and LTB boxes in our possession and we can say that the baits and lures differ from month to month, so you shouldn’t give too much credence to what you read on certain sites.

Price-wise, as we’ve seen, MTB and LTB pretty much fall into the same category, although the LTB Tournament is a bit pricier than the LTB Elite package.

The Bottom Line

Mystery Tackle Box is good, and so is the Lucky Tackle Box. There aren’t very many discrepancies between the two that we could address. From the research we’ve done, we found out that many people have a tough time saying “This is better than the other because…”

Maybe the pickiest of fishermen and women have something to say along these lines, but that’s not a guarantee, either. Before you subscribe to any, try to weigh in the pros and cons (it’s difficult to even do that, however).