What is a spinning rod?

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Introduction to Spinning Rods

There are two basic types of rods dominating modern day fishing – baitcasting and spinning. The decision to buy one over the other is driven by the choice of reel, and that is driven by techniques and targeted species of fish. The species of fish that you are going to target will definitely impact the selection process. Spinning rods have large fishing line guides to minimize line friction upon casting. Spinning outfits operate best using light weight fishing lines and are used for bluegills, crappies, perch and walleyes

Spinning Rod Brand Guide

Shopping brands when looking for a rod isn’t the worst decision you could make since shopping established brands is a good way to make sure you get what you pay for. Usually your favorite “brand” has done you well and has given you the performance you are looking for; however, don’t limit your selection to a specific brand and instead concentrate on performance.

The Shimano Solora 2 Piece is widely regarded as the best spinning rod of 2017 due to the fact you can choose from three sizes so you can find the perfect length to match with its medium/fast action capabilities. It features a durable and sturdy construction and has been designed primarily for beginners and inexperienced anglers. It is affordable and offers plenty of value.

The Daiwa Triforce is a great alternative if the Shimano Solora 2 Piece isn’t available. It is an efficient and convenient medium-sized spinning rod. It’s made to last being constructed out of graphite, a stainless steel hooded reel seat and cut-proof aluminum oxide. It’s an incredibly comfortable rod to use as the handle is made of foam and cork.

Okuma is one of the best-known brands in fishing rods and the Okuma Tundra Surf stands by the name that has come to be synonymous with high quality. Even though it’s the least affordable of these three rods, it features glass fiber construction, ceramic guide inserts and reinforced double footed guides. The reel seats are made of steel and will stand the test of time. It is a heavier and thicker option; however, the high-quality material makes it stand out amongst other spinning rods.

If you happen to be rough on your fishing equipment, Ugly Stick may be your best bet. It is specifically construction to make it one of the sturdiest rods on the market today. Graphite construction not only increases the rod’s sensitivity, but also makes it incredibly light. It also has stainless steel guides which eliminate any insert pop-outs and provides maximum durability.

Like most things, which fishing rod you prefer will depend on many factors. Different types of fish, techniques and even history. Maybe your grandpa swears by St. Croix, your dad Shimano and your cousin twice removed is an Abu Garcia guy. Doing your research online and in stores is the easiest way to understand the pros and cons of each rod; however, in the end, word of mouth is going to be the most reliable.