Essential Tackle for Trout Fishing

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Basic Trout Fishing Tackle

These fish are found in abundance and can be caught with basic tackle. These fish are known to always put up a fight. So be prepared to get active. Some essential equipment for trout fishing are listed below.

Bait and Lures:

There are various types of artificial lures used for trout fishing. Examples include tubes, swimbaits, worm imitators, cranks, salmon eggs, spoons, spinners, and powerbait. Live bait can also be used for fishing trout. Anglers use grasshoppers, grubs, leeches, aquatic larvae and large earthworms.

Rod and Reel:

Trout can be caught on both spinning and fly rods. If you prefer the spinning use a spinning ultralight rig which combines the short, flexible rod with a reel featuring a fully exposed spool at the front and with a 4 or 6 pound monofilament. The reason for the fully exposed front is because some experienced anglers suggest that beginners stay away from the enclosed type fishing reel. They typically have a button on it that you press to release the line during the casting of the bait. This type of reel is usually prone to internal tangles, and will definitely frustrate a new angler.

This provides the most flexibility during fishing. For those that would prefer fly rods, the common ones are 7-9 foot models of about a 4-6 weight range with floating or weight-forward lines. If you are fishing in the lake then you must have longer rods around eleven feet

Waders and boots:

Sometimes fishing for trout will require you to go directly into the water. Trout are typically found in streams and the waters can sometimes get too frigid. Invest in chest waders which will protect you from the water and also keep you dry. Get wading boots that have rubber knees with a tight ankle fit. These will keep you dry but you will still be comfortable.

Fishing vests:

These can act like a tackle box when heading out into the water. Since you will be wading most of the time, you will not be able to carry many things with you. Get a trout vest made of good cotton fabric or a blend of polyester and cotton. Ensure that they have a lot of pockets to hold your lures and hooks. Other essentials include a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses.

Landing Nets:

When getting a net for trout fishing consider the following; the depth of the net, the material and the mesh size. This is to prevent damaging the fish as soon as you catch it. Trout have more delicate skin than many other fish species, and a good net will protect their slime coat so they can swim away unharmed. They are also hardy fighters that do not give up easily, so it is important to always have a durable landing net.

Forceps and clippers:

It is sometimes difficult to unhook them because they teeth and a narrow body mouth. Get a good pair of forceps so that you can quickly and safely unhook the fish. You can also use needle nosed pliers to remove the hooks. Finger nail clippers are a necessity for any trout tackle box. They are used for cutting the trout fishing line.