Best Waterproof Tackle Box

Best Waterproof Tackle Boxes

1. Flambeau Waterproof Satchel Box

Flambeau Waterproof SatchelThis tackle box is different than the ones we’ve looked at until now, in the sense that it’s got glide trays instead of removable ones. That is really no big deal. This satchel is waterproof and made of heavy-duty plastic.

  • Flambeau 4000WPNC waterproof
  • Hard tackle boxes
  • Manufactured in United States

It is not as large as other tackle boxes, but it’s suitable for a casual fishing trip on a kayak. The last thing you want when fishing from a kayak is a heavy, bulgy tackle box. It can easily unbalance the kayak and before you know it, you’ll be fishing with your bare hands. The box features a total of 5 inner storage compartments: 3 large ones on the bottom and 2 in the form of gliding trays. The top lid has 10-12 compartments for fishing lures, hooks and other tiny pieces of equipment that you need handy.

1 Flambeau 3000WPNC Waterproof Satchel Flambeau 3000WPNC Waterproof Satchel Currently out of stock
The bottom also has 2 small-sized trays that can hold various fishing items. The latches aren’t as flimsy as those that can be found on other tackle boxes of this sort. The over-molded handle is sturdy and makes it easy to carry the tackle box around and about. Many tackle boxes are waterproof only on the bottom, but this one is 360o, which means that you can drop it in a lake or river and all your tackle equipment will be safe and sound. This feature recommends it as a box that is suitable for anglers and those who go fishing on kayaks. The top lid is transparent; therefore, you can take the necessary items out immediately, without spending vital time rummaging through the equipment.

  • In spite of the fact that it looks small, it’s got a lot of room
  • Sturdy and lightweight
  • 360o waterproof
  • On the affordable side
  • Not a very popular model
  • Some people might find it a tad pricey