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Musky – the freshwater angler’s ultimate “must have” trophy. When it comes to catching these freshwater giants, you need a quality musky rod and reel, the right muskie lures and a small measure of luck. If you are looking to purchase the best products on the market in Northern Wisconsin, there is only one place to go – Rollie and Helen’s Musky Shop.

Rollie and Helen’s (

Why Rollie & Helen’s Musky Shop?

It’s not hard to see why this shop is the place to go:

  1. A history to trust.
  2. Helpful support for anglers of all experiences.
  3. A vast number of products to purchase.
  4. Quality you can rely on.
  5. Customer service to assist your needs.

Seasoned History

Located in Minocqua, Wisconsin, just under two hours from Hayward, the Musky capital of the world, Rollie and Helen’s Musky Shop opened in 1989. It is the only shop to have a print catalog exclusively for Musky. A trip to the retail store makes shoppers feel like kids again discovering each new aisle of treasures, including an amazing live bait selection. They boast an enormous catalog of everything the Musky angler could possibly want or need, with daily international shipping.

Informational Assistance for Seasoned and New Anglers

Guide Service: The fishing trip guides are insightful and knowledgeable. Along with the mighty Musky, guides are also available for Walleye, Panfish, Bass and more. The trips are perfect for newbies or alumni. Increase your chances of catching the big one on a full day trip that allows the use of all equipment and a boat with transportation. They also offer cleaning and freezing, taxidermy, and priceless catch and release pictures.

Informational Videos: There are an astonishing number of informational videos available for viewing at no charge. They are broken down into six sections, each containing a different number of videos. The sections include Bucktails, Crank Bait, Top Water Videos, Jerkbait, Rods and Reels, and Other. There is something for everyone to learn from and enjoy. Brush up before you head out on the water or identify new skills with whichever series “catches” your fancy.

Directions to Rollie & Helen’s

Variety of Products to Purchase

It can be hard to know where to start when a shopper enters the store or starts flipping through the pages of the catalog. Do you have an angler or two on your gift list? If so, you have come to the right place.

There are thousands of products from top of the line manufacturers to choose from:

  1. You can fish in style with fashionable accessories like clothing, gloves, sunglasses, outerwear and more.
  2. Any fishing Gear you can think of is included – lures, blades, hooks, rods, reels, live bait, sucker rings, lines, and nets.
  3. There are also additional items like tackle boxes, measuring tools, books, and maps.

This shop has it all from beneficial information to customer service ready to give you the best assistance possible. If you haven’t stopped by before, you should consider taking a trip. You might learn something new and get an awesome souvenir!

Smokey’s Musky Shop – Musky Shop Pewaukee

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